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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

$110 NLHE freezeout

My report of a $110 NLHE freezeout:

Not only did I get to the final table on the "big" tourney last night at the Belle (Mon, Thurs and Fri are all 25$ entries, where as this Tues tourney is the 100+10 freeze-out), but I made 2nd place.

Normally people love to chop at the Belle, in fact, the person that took 1st, Cy, was wanting to chop when it was down to 4 players, but the current chip lead wouldn't have it. Then, in a series of battles, Cy took out both the other players! With Cy having 2/3rds of the chips, now Cy was unwilling to chop, lol.

We played heads up for a few hands, until I was all-in w/ KTo, got my K, but Cy had a suited A3 and made his flush on the river!

All-in-all, I'm very happy with how I played and that most of my good hands held up.

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