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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Put On Your Poker Face

How is it that people can be so duplicitous? I guess it's the mark of a poker player.

James, the Card Room Manager at the Colorado Belle has seen fit to ban Felicia from the card room because she made public what happened when the floor man, Glen, vehemently yelled at her for talking to her table about their conversation. No one should have to endure being yelled at in public. Not to mention that James told us he informs his employees that they should, at all times, at professionally and NOT get in any kind of shouting match with a customer. So, strike against the Belle: Glen acted unprofessionally and STARTED a shouting match.

James has also told us (this was all in a meeting with us where he took us to dinner after the incident took place) that he can’t stop us from saying anything about what happened. Felicia presented him with a copy of the post she wrote—before she posted it—so that he could read it first. He stated that she had free speech and he couldn’t stop her. Yet he bans her from the poker room. That sounds like a little suppression to me! Another strike.

Additionally, Felicia was told that bringing up something that happened months ago is being vindictive. Anytime that anything happens we should report it. Well, James and Co., we have reported it. And nothing has happened. Ever. Someone is showing his cards to someone else? “Hey guys, you better cut that out”. Nothing there. Someone looking over the rail is telling a player he better call cause he can see the cards of the bettor and he’s bluffing? Again, nothing done. Someone complains up and down about not getting into a tournament because he left the tables (and everyone is told they must be seated in a game to get a card for a seat)? He gets a card so that he’ll shut up and not create a scene, as others sitting have to draw cards for the remaining two seats. What kind of justice/fair-practice is this? We’ve informed James about people palming chips and angle shooting. The next day, we over hear James talking with the same people, making dinner plans with them. Oh yeah, nothing done there! Strike three!

Felicia gets banned for complaining about the bad service she gets in a customer service related field. She’s told that she can write about what happens, and then gets punished for it. I don’t see why these people aren’t playing poker professionally. Sounds like they got the poker face down as good as a pat full house!


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