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Sunday, December 12, 2004

The day before the blogger tournament

The day before the blogger tournament, Felicia and I made our way to Vegas early, as we combined the trip to take our Yorkie to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. Plus, the specialist that previously performed a throat surgery on Dax stated that he would find time to come over and check out his progress.

After dropping off Dax, we headed to Excalibur to check out if anyone was there yet. We found our way to Luxor and we started meeting people. Mas, we found playing 2/4, I think. Was fun talking to him and watch him folding, lol. We hung out for a little, knowing that some people stated that they were going to play the noon tourney at Luxor. Eventually, Badblood and Otis came in and we chatted for a little.

As their tourney was starting, Felicia and I ended up going to Bellagio after finding out that there were games we wanted to play going (there was 15/30 and 20/40 stud and three 2/5 NLHE games :). Once there, Felicia mingled to say “hi” to all the tournament players that she knew while I put my name on lists. We both were able to get into games fairly quickly (although I ended up in a 1-5 stud since there was a long list for 8/16 HE and 2/5 NLHE). We both found our games too tight (probably just too early in the day) and ended up leaving.

Eventually, we headed back to Excalibur and there we found everyone from Luxor, plus a few more arrivals: Pauly, Al, Mrs. Can’t Hang, and a few friends that people somehow roped into coming out. I was able to get into a 1/2 NLHE game and Felicia joined, hoping that we’d be able to somehow arrange for a strictly blogger table. I got a list set up for Omaha 8 and was able to get Excalibur to change their normal limits of 4/8 to 2/4, since most were not O8 players and just wanted to play for fun.

In the meantime, Felicia and I were tearing up the NLHE game. Those low-limit games can be really profitable if you can get some cards and hit some hands. I had AJs in the BB that held up with an A on board and a caller to the river. Felicia got pocket KK’s and, after raising to $15 or $20 pre-flop, got FOUR callers. She just shoved in on the flop and got a caller and doubled up. After seeing her get so many callers, when I found AA after a couple limpers, I made it $30 to go. I actually got one caller, who I found out later was “Big Mike”, Al’s friend, who ended up putting the last of his money in with AJo. Big Mike had suffered a hit earlier, losing with AA to a pair of Queens on the flop that eventually tripped up and he couldn’t get away from his hand. I also was able to see a cheap flop when I limped UTG with 33 and no one raised. I got a set on the flop of 3J8 and thought to myself, “OK, I don’t want a 7 or Q on the turn to complete a straight.” I over bet the pot (I think 20), knowing that people cannot lay down hands and got 2 callers. Turn, Queen. Ugh. I checked, one guy bet 25, the other called, and I called hoping to fill on the river. Some off-suit, non-pairing rag on the river and we both check-called another 25 from the same player. Turn/river bettor turned over AJo for the flopped TPTK and the other guy wouldn’t show. I tried to get him to show since I was last to act, but I didn’t want to cause too much of a stink and tabled my set. Non-shower said, “nice hand”, and mucked.

I did have one hand that didn’t hold up for me. I got AJo on the button and limped after several others. Jxx on the flop and someone bet out a nickel. With TPTK, I raised to 30. The nickel guy tried to toss in his last few single chips, but since he tried to go back for it after the call, the dealer wouldn’t allow it. I asked him how much, and I tossed in the extra 6 to put him all-in on the turn. He turned over AJs; I tabled my AJo and said, “nice hand”. Then I saw he had AdJd, and the turn had improved him to 4-flush. The river filled him in for the nut flush and I was very glad he was short-stacked. Note to beginning players: don’t leave yourself short! I pretty much always top-up if I get short. I will over buy and stick any extra chips (if the buy-in is limited) in my pockets so that I can add them to my stack later just in case.

After a few big all-in hands in a relatively short time span, large chunks of chips moving from one person to another, usually leaving one of them bust, the game started to sober up. Felicia said, “This game is dying, let’s get up at our blinds.”

I think after we got up, we went up to Krispy Kreme, as Felicia had promised Al a “tour”. I said, “What, are you going to do a ‘Vanna White’ in front of the window [where they show them making the donuts]?” When we got there, the machine was shut down, so Al said that he’d buy all the glazed they had to get the machine cranked up again. Then, I pointed out the trays and trays they had lined up, all filled with glazed donuts - all prepared for late Friday night in Vegas munches. Al: “oh, never mind.” Al ended up getting two-dozen plus one glazed (one to eat ASAP) and picked up the chocolate one that Felicia took a tiny nibble of on our way back (since they still don’t have the sugar-free donuts yet).

After we got back, Al was smoking on the rail and munching on his Krispy Kreme with Big Mike, and sharing more with others. Al really wanted to give Omaha a try so I kept going up and getting a “status” on the list. They finally got it started when I assured them that all the players that I found among our group that I had added to the list were indeed there at the time and would move to start the game. We finally got it going, completed with two locals, to make a full 10-handed game. We had fun swooshing the money around. With it being only 2/4, I’m hoping that no one got too hurt. I believe Al actually ended up in the game :).

At the start of the game, one lady had sat down, I think realized she was in the wrong game, and left. Another lady filled this empty seat, but this one got us going. During this point in time, we were expecting Maudie at any moment. Felicia remarked that the new arrival could fit the description we had for her and wouldn’t it be funny if that was Maudie pulling a fast one on us; just sitting down at our game without introducing herself. Well, she neither said, “yes, I’m Maudie”, nor, “no, I’m not, now shut up about it”—grin--but we did have a good laugh with her… While at the table, Al was downing SoCo shots. Once, upon getting a refill, set it down on the table that was sitting between him and the lady. All of a sudden the lady starts turning purple, exclaiming that she was sorry but she just drank Al’s drink accidentally; all the while fanning herself after the unexpected hot liquor was coarsing down her throat! She laughed along with us and Al gave her the rest of his water, “don’t worry about it, here, drink this.”

Felicia was trying to organize a group sushi dinner while we were playing, but only ended up getting me, Al, his wife, Evie (?), and Big Mike to go with us. We needed to get out that way as it was to pick up Dax from the vet. We picked up Dax, who was pronounced healthy and doing well by the specialist, and now with clean teeth! I had Dax on my lap in the back seat and was preparing Evie (sitting next to me) for a terrier onslaught, when Dax hopped over onto her lap! Felicia and I remarked that the anesthesia must still be working in him, lol. He even went to Al’s lap. Now we _knew_ we had a drugged up little puppy!

We finally got to the restaurant and had a time gorging ourselves on tons of sushi from the all-you-can-eat menu :) We chatted it up and had a great time. There was even a drunken party of old ladies there doing shots and banging on their tables. It was hilarious. Al very generously took the bill and wouldn’t accept anything from me for Felicia and I…thanks again Al!

After dinner, we dropped everyone back off at Excalibur so that we could check in to our hotel, get the puppy settled, and rest ourselves up for the tournament the next day. We pretty much crashed once we got into our room at Travelodge. We had had a blast and couldn’t wait to meet the rest of the crew and play the tourney :)

[See the previous post for details of the tournament.]

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