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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sklansky vs. Hit and Run

Someone asked me why I hit and run when I’m a Sklansky reader/believer. Meaning that many times I talk about making some money then getting out of the game. Why don’t I stay if the game is good?

Well, this hit & run is done online, not live. There are differences in online play. There is much more turnover in online play; so much so that it makes online tables look like a revolving door compared to live. In live play, unless the table is bad, you pretty much stay where you are. You get to know the players and how they bet. Online, you might not play with the same players for long enough. And if you do, it usually seems the looser ones go bust so fast and leave that now that information is moot.

I’ve tried sitting and playing for hours online, however for me, I seem to make less and less. Who knows, maybe it’s undiagnosed A.D.D. –grin-. Or the people that DO stay also get to know my play and won’t give me action. Either way, I find it better for me personally. To each his own.

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Blogger KidJ said...

Whoops, didn't realize you were talking about online. That makes much more sense.

Thanks for the post!

7:19 AM  
Blogger Felicia :) said...

Sure! :-)

Glad you asked.. remember, it's not always knowing the answer, but being able to ask the right questions!

Felicia may get bored when I'm talking over my multitude of hands, but she says that thinking about them and questioning any leaks is a good thing. ;-)


8:47 AM  

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