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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Taking A Shot?

Kept thinking that I’d write this “trip” report up; so, here it is.

Felicia and I headed up to Vegas for her to either play a tournament at Bellagio or Binion’s. Bellagio ended up being sold out, so we’d have to end up at Binion’s for the tournament. As long as we were there at Bellagio, however, we ended up playing some ring games.

I found out last time that we were there they started spreading NLHE cash games, so I put my name on the list. Felicia said, “I’d thought you’d want to get on the 15/30”. I thought about it and, although I’ve not played that high yet, I have played 10/20, and I’ve grown as a player since then. I also have been reading Ciaffone’s Middle Limit book and so far haven’t come across anything much new (granted I’m still towards the beginning ;). So, I figured, “sure, why not give it a shot”.

I, of course, got called for the 15/30 before the NL. I pretty much folded until I was next on the list for NL. I almost picked up when it got to my BB, but it was taking so long to get called I decided to go one more round. Of course, I get KK in the BB. I always wait until the action gets to me to look, and, interestingly, there were already 4 callers. It had pretty much been raise-fold-fold, or limp-raise-fold-fold-check-bet-fold. Tight table. I almost didn’t raise with all the limpers, but that would be weak, so I did the mandatory raise, knowing that everyone would call. I tried to watch the faces of my opponents before I looked at the flop, but they were actually looking at me (we’re not at the low limits here ;). I looked and bet the Q-high flop of Q67, 2 hearts (of course, both kings are black, no help there). I got called by two players. Turn brings an off-suit 8; that would have been a little lower than I put my competition on, so I bet out. I get raised by one of the players that seemed to pretty much be straight forward. I almost folded, but he was mid-position. Is he semi-bluffing the draws? I’m actually hoping he has trips that I can possibly outdraw and just call. No help on the river and I check call to see T9s hearts. Yes, it was a gut-shot, but he did have the heart draw too. Still, I didn’t put that player on this hand. He seemed too straight forward to be playing those cards from mid instead of late position. Of course, after paying the BB AND getting my KK cracked, I got called for NL.

I played that for a couple hours. Worst structure that I’ve encountered. It’s a 200 max buy in game with 2/5 blinds. Leaves you too short for the blinds really. Plus, you’re not supposed to top up until your under 100! Additionally, there were 3 tables, the first two “must move” to keep the main game full (this, with a list of about 10 names). Blah! I paid some raises with pocket pairs here and there, and basically got blinded down getting nothing. Finally it was time for Felicia and me to get to Binion’s for her tourney.

I played the 1/2 NLHE at Binion’s and did better there. I was up 20 at one point after getting AQs and betting the draw on the flop, then turning the Q (TPTK). My lone opponent folded the turn (folded up, showing me his 66 that didn’t hit). After that, it pretty much was fold, fold again. When Felicia got knocked out and I folded to UTG, I had $1 extra…yippee! Hehe.

It was only 10ish (pm) and we elected to go back to Bellagio. There was a 20/40 stud game that she found attractive, so, back we went. I watched the 15/30 HE and liked the table. A maniac and a drunk guy. Didn’t care for the others as much, but thought I’d give it another shot. I can’t lose all the time, right? Wrong!

First hand I’m in, the maniac raises (no surprise) but there had already been a couple limpers and I knew the people would call. I was getting around 7-1 to call with my Kx suited so I called. No draw, so folded to flop betting. I folded until I got AKo UTG +1. Drunk guy is to my right and he limps. He’s not horrible, but not great either, doesn’t know when he’s beat. I’m able to get it HU when I raise and we take a flop of QJx. He checks, I semi-bluff and fire out. He calls. I already feel that I’ll check the turn, take the free card if I don’t improve. K on turn. Yes this brings a possible straight, but I don’t think the guy is so bad as to have called with T9 UTG or called the turn with AJ for a gut-shot. However, he bet into me. I put him on KT (since he didn’t bet the flop, I can’t put him on KJ or KQ, although it’s possible). I quickly raise him. OK, let’s see if he raises, then I’ll put him on the straight or two pair. No raise. Good, I’m good. Until the river, that is: 9. The act he puts on is soo funny (or course it could be no act, he was just that toasted and really unsure “did I really get there?”), he cranes his neck…loooooks at the board …looks back at his cards…looooks at board…”check”. I turn up my hand, and say, “I know you have the T”. He tables his KTo. Ugh. I knew I was ahead until the river. Oh well, next hand.

Again I pretty much am getting nothing. I think I folded 22 or 33 in early position, that was about it, until I finally get TT in late position with a bunch of limpers. There weren’t a lot of limpers usually, but the maniac was back (he took walks every so often, and I think if he limped people came in for the action he was sure to generate). So, I don’t raise, and see a cheap flop. Jxx, there’s a bet and a call by two solid players and I muck knowing TT is no good.

After more folding, folding, I finally get TT again. UTG+1 is a woman I’ve seen play before and respect and she raise-opens. I know that she could just have a high Ace (AK or AQ) and since drunk guy is caught in the middle (cold calling her raise) and the maniac has already folded UTG, I reraise. I also figure, if I’m beat (she has a higher pair) she’ll pop me again and I’ll know where I stand. No reraise, both call, and we see the flop 3 handed. Flop comes QQx, two clubs (I have the Tc). Checked to me. I don’t like the Queens on the board, I could easily put the woman on AQ but bet anyway to see where I’m at. Of course I nail it and am check-raised. Drunk guy is sober enough to get out. Again I wonder if I’m being played at and figure I’ll see the turn to see if there’s another club or my 2-outter (hey if the fish can get ‘em!) There were 14 small bets in the pot at this point, not quite what I need, but I if I could get my T and get into a raising war with her, I _might_ have the implied odds. Also, I know I just didn’t want to give it up. Turn is no help (no club, no miracle T) and the woman bets out. I sit there, not believing that for the 4th time I had a premium hand I got out drawn again.

She now does something that I thank her for. I think she knew that I was getting run down and, I’d like to think, understood that I knew what I was doing. She takes the hand that she was holding her cards with and points at the 30 that she bet, kind of like, “here’s the bet, I bet 30”, but while she’s doing it she’s flashing me the Q in her hand. So it was more like, “hey, I’m not trying to play you, I really have the Queen”. So, I fold and that’s that.

After a few hands I hear the floor man announce there’s open seating in the 8/16 games (there _was_ a huge list before) and I ask to be moved. I get a seat at a table and, man, what a difference! I feel like I’m back at the 2-6 games in Laughlin. I made about $42 in about 1/2 hour to an hour.

Geez! What the heck was I doing at 15/30? Oh yeah, taking a shot!

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