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Friday, May 28, 2004

misc goulash

I've really enjoyed seeing quotes on other people's blogs and have wanted to do the same with mine when I find something I really enjoy. I forgot yesterday, and I had a really good one too--which I'll save for later :-D

Most of my quotes will come from whatever one book I happen to be reading at the time. Unlike the wife, I can't read 12 at a time ;-) Currently, I'm reading Real Poker II, The Play of Hands, by Roy Cooke. This is an excellent read, as supported by it's high rating from Mason Malmuth (who doesn't usually highly rate non-2+2 books, really says something):

"My friend kindly informed me that friendship did not include listening to me b*tch about winning a $1500 pot."

This is in the chapter talking about confidence. Timing is always interesting. I'm currrently sitting on my biggest winning month ever (chump change for people like Cooke) and there have been times this month that I feel like just quiting for the month and being happy with my win. What? No, I can't. I know I can keep winning. I know I can hit a grand for the month. I want to succeed, but all too often the urge to just sit on my laurels possesses me. I already overcame that urge when I hit 800 earlier this month, only half way through. Then I hit a bad losing streak. Lost and lost. It depressed me that I kept losing at my original bread and butter, Omaha 8. Draw helped me out of that train. I booked win after win in Draw. Played more of it, knowing that I can win there. This confidence helped me continue playing Omaha. Sometimes we just need something to keep us going; to boost our confidence. To inforce the believe that, yes, I am a winner. I can win and be successful at this.

OK, now I'll leave off with the other quote I meant to put in the previous post:

"She has spanked me a few times, I've spanked her a few times...I'm told that some people think getting spanked is fun...I don't think either of us would have it any other way!"
Real Poker II, The Play of Hands, by Roy Cooke

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