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Friday, April 02, 2004

Online Tournament, Experiment #1

OK, now that Felicia and I are no longer playing live, least not at the Belle, I thought I'd try my hand at one of the online multitable tournaments everyone else talks about.

What a rotten, dismal failure that turned out to be!

I started UTG+1. Muck, muck. Saw a free flop in BB. Nothing. Muck.

SB, I get 99s (they were both black -grin-). There were a couple limpers, and this only being a $5 tourney, I figure it's pointless to raise. Plus I figure, big bet poker is all about trapping, right? So, I see a flop of 579 (two clubs). Holy moley, top set! Two clubs though, so I bet the pot, screw the trapping, they can't draw to clubs for free. I get called by the BB. Turn comes an A, so I bet the pot again. Get raised all-in. "Kewl" I say, "I have a set!" Board doesn't pair, and I'm shown 68o for the flopped straight from the BB, that I allowed to see a free flop.

Two hands and I'm out. Sound familiar? Yes, I'm my wife's husband. LOL


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