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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Don't Push

OK, I'm being pushed to write... pushed? I'm supposed to be a wuss; I'm not an "aggressive" writer! LOL

I've been doing better so far. Haven't had so many beats as to keep me negative (in life as well as wallet ;) Although I did get a top set of JJ beaten by 42s.. and yes, runner-runner spades, only one on the flop. Huh? Where do these people come from? But, why do I care, as long as they keep playing :D

I did get my share of hands. 88 that flopped a set: BB bets, gets a caller, I raise; call, call. Then on the turn he bets into me again! Raise! Call, call. Was JT8 on flop, so, no Q or 7 on river and I felt safe betting; no callers. So much for being a wuss, eh?

As stated, I'm doing better. I almost doubled my stake at Paradise since my last posting, so draw is running well ('cept for today...TTT ran up against a pat straight at the 2/4 table, capped pre...doh!)

Also doing OK on Party. Haven't been playing as much as before, and haven't been able to do the freerolls. Felicia has been wanting to play the live tournaments at the Palms, so I've been playing the cash games. Their tourneys are always during the raked hand freerolls, so I haven't been concentrating on the playing there. I got AA busted by AJs once (someone raised w/ TT, I reraised, and AJs cold called 20xbb... TT reraised, I went all-in, and AJ called another 30xbb! Of course, he got there, flushed my AA; but I got my stack doubled thru twice in diff sessions with other premium I've said before, it evens out in the end :).

With everyone else seeming to have the tournament fever, I'm glad to have some people agree with me on the tournament comments re Tommy Angelo. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels "stuck" in tournaments. I really hadn't thought about it too much before. I had the feeling that I really didn't want to be there, but didn't know exactly what it was. Now I know :-Þ

I find it interesting though that I had been doing so well on the raked hands freerolls. I would think that the people playing over 50 hands would be people that play a lot. How is it that I'm playing a tournament against frequent players and doing so well? I would think the players that play often (and I see some of the same faces at the freerolls often too) would be better. Maybe that's what I need: higher caliber opponents. They keep me focused as they're not just yahoos. However, being freerolls I don't have to sweat the money, so I'm more comfortable. I guess once my bankroll swells to mammoth proportions (I should be so lucky), I'll be more comfortable playing tournaments.

For now, it's just grind, grind. I'm happy. I like playing poker. I play some D&D, play some poker, have some coffee, grind, grind. We go out to the tournament at the Palms, she plays the tourney, I stick to ring: grind, grind. And, I'm happy. I like it. Suits me fine.

Felicia says I'm a sucker. Hmm. X-Þ
Maybe I am. I admit I don't watch the pots enough. I don't always verify when they're splitting the pots (say someone's all-in) and make sure the side pots are right. Make sure the rakes right. I figure we're paying the dealer, they should know what they're doing. But yes, they make mistakes. Sometimes I forget to ask for rake reduction if it's shorthanded. The other day I passed my HE seat up to keep the stud game going. Why? I actually like stud. I want to see more people play. If it's known that stud is seldom played there, then I won't have a game to play if the HE game is full. So, it's partly selfish reasons as well.

There now, I'm a wuss AND a sucker! So see? No need to push.

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