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Monday, May 31, 2004

Uphill Battle

Just a few days ago I reported that how this was my highest earning month. At that point I was at 800. I looked at my daily averages and I found that I could very well get myself to 1000.

One of the things that I did in order to try this was “bonus whoring” (as my wife likes to call it). I got an email from Paradise that any reloads starting this last Friday to yesterday (Sunday) would be given a 10% bonus. Kewl! So, I cashed out most of my money and waited to Friday to redeposit. Come Friday, I redeposit and started playing to try to build up my rake in order to release the bonus money.

I’ve always wondered how I would do without hit-and-running on Paradise. Well, this short amount of time is probably not a great indication, but it’s pretty rocky! I was hoping that my normal playing would at least keep me break even, if not over. That, combined with the bonus money that I had coming, I’d get up to my thousand dollar goal. Nope. If anything, the bonus money kept me even!

I started thinking about it; my play, my pressing for the bonuses. I think I stopped doing something that was critical to my game plan. I didn’t leave tables when I found them bad. I was so focused on getting to my thousand goal, I kept playing when normally I would have quit. Especially against certain opponents. Therefore, I stopped playing my game and focused too much on the bonus whoring and that milestone.

From reading Roy Cooke’s book, he talks about reviewing your game. I have had to do this in my uphill battle. I used the power of the Internet to my advantage in the past; to be able to get up and move to a different table at a moments notice. Allowing me to record a quick win, escape aggressive players, and keeping my game more of a mystery by not staying long at any particular table.

So here I sit on the last day of the month, still $40 short of my goal. I’ve played more today, and have just covered my loss for yesterday. I think I’m going to take a rest and not be so concerned of going those last few feet. Normally, you’d want to keep pressing. The pinnacle is so close you can see it, it’s just a few more feet away. But the struggle has left you so short of breath, the air so thin. I rather not put myself at peril. I can tell my game is suffering from the pressing. I’m not focused on my game, but my goal. I’m going to take a breather and put my game first.

Yesterday Felicia said that I was snippy with her all day. Thinking about it, I probably was stressing so much from having so many losing sessions. Yet another reason to take a break. The pressing was affecting my emotions as well.

All in all, I’m very happy with how much I made this month. Not quite getting there gives me a goal for next month. However, this time, I’m keeping to my game plan!

"It's important not to let a situation like this drive you to chase in future situations because of the taste of what-might-have-been. The biggest losers over time in poker are those who let results, rather than analysis, drive their decision making."
Real Poker II, The Play of Hands, by Roy Cooke

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