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Saturday, July 31, 2004

“It’s your turn”

I’ve been told it’s my turn to blog. Too funny :)

I actually have been thinking about blogging; I just thought that I really didn’t have too much interesting to say. Felicia accuses me of writing too many hand histories. I kind of like ‘em. Like my hitting quads the last couple sessions. It’s always fun to have the mortal nuts. It’s just such a no brainer :-P

I’m in the SB w/ 22. Folded to late position that _min_ raises. Like that’s going to get anyone out! 23x on flop. Hit my set :-D Um, check. 2xbb bet from late-position-guy (LPG). I’m wondering if he just has AK or was just trying to steal the blinds, so he doesn’t really have anything. So, I just call. Case deuce on the turn, a beautiful thing. Check. 2xbb bet again. Thought about raising, but, really, don’t have much to be afraid of. If he hit a set, he’d be betting more. So, flat call again. Another beautiful thing, Ace on the river that completes a possible flush. I lead into him, just praying he was looking for an A. LPG goes all-in! Um, gee, ooh, ahh, ok, call. :-D Yes, he had AA, the river filled him. Little did he know he was drawing dead.

In Draw, I raise from the SB w/ 333xx and get called in THREE spots. Boy, no respect. Haha. Too many people in the hand, so I forget about hiding the trips and draw 2. I get a 5 and the case 3! One person drew 1, so I’m hoping he got there, so I bet. Heck, someone limping w/ AA might have gotten there and, seeing me draw 2, would think they outdrew if they got a 3rd A. Sure enough, I get raised. Unfortunately, by the BB who drew 1. He hit his draw. I thought this would drive out the rest of the field, but, interestingly, someone flat called the 2 cold! Higher trips? I pop it again :) Drawing guy just calls, the middleman decides he’s beat and folds. Yes, the drawer hit his straight.

In NLHE, it seems my biggest hands are always from hitting sets. Especially, set over set. I raised in early position w/ TT and got one caller. Flop comes 9c8cX. I bet the pot, due to the possible straight/flush draws, and again get flat called. Didn’t like that. Over pair? Hit set? JcTc? Doesn’t matter any more to me as a Ten hits the turn. I truly do not put anyone on QcJc, so I push. Caller had 99, for the _flopped_ top set, which I beat on the turn. Oops.

But then, these type of scenarios have paid me back for times that I was out run. AA beaten by AJs…AJs??? What are these monkeys thinking? And KK beaten by QQ; Q on the river. Worse part was paying off the river, and being raised by the 3rd person in the pot that got the flush with the Q. I wasn’t sure if the lady was a dunce enough to possible raise w/ AQ, thinking that she might be able to get me off my hand. But with the raise and reraises preflop, all the money in the pot from the flop and turn betting, I felt I needed to call. Then came the reraise, and I pretty much knew I was sunk (there was a pair on the flop). But, I still overcalled, yet again, with all the bets in the pot, as I was getting almost 20-1 on my call. Looking back, I _should_ have folded to the raise. The lady really was clueless, which means she does NOT just have AQ. For her to have raised, she has something strong. I should have known the clueless don’t think about overcalls, what-have-you. I should have known she could beat two pair.

Misplayed TT from the SB. Thought I’d be sneaky and just see the flop. Flop brought rags with possible straight, straight draw and flush draw. Got called all-in by short stack and middleman. Middleman got the straight, short stack got the flush. Third again. Raise, monkey, raise! The short stack might have called me anyway, but I would possibly have lost less (as the middle man had me covered and probably would have folded his rags to a pre-flop raise).

All in all, I’m up, and I like that. As you can tell, yet again, there were stumbling blocks in the road. But there always are. It’s part of the game. I get close to my goal for the month, and I slide back down. Get back up. Slide down. Fortunately, it’s been more like 5 steps forward, 3 back. Then another 5 forward and another 3 back. So, I’m still moving forward, inch by inch. Still recording positive numbers. I may not be playing 8 tables of 15/30, but I’m moving forward.

Every so often, I’m still playing the raked hands freerolls and placing. Got 3rd in the last one for $52 :-D Can’t complain about free money.

Hope y’all are having fun out there. I know I am ;-)
May the flop be with you, and all that.

OK, tag, you're it! Touch black, no touch backs!

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