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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Bilking The Internet Poker Machine

OK, most people that read this blog probably got my link from Felicia, so you know about her experiment with drinking…

So, I’m reading my web comics while playing one of the freerolls on Intertops (this one with a total prize pool of $2005 : ), and I came across this one:

Felicia was keeping Anisotropy in the loop as to my being in the money for the tournament—she loves how much I cash in these things, even if it’s pennies.

When I informed him that I actually got the $5 pay scale, he told me: “hold out for at least $7, so you can both go to the taco bell afterwards and still have some change.” Hehe.

Once I got to the $6 mark, he states: “your motto should be ‘bilking the internet poker machine, six dollars at a time’, for all the money you get from freerolls.” LOL!!

Although it’s more like 65 cents at a time; the minimum payout for the $100 tournaments that they have daily. But, I have made the final table on those a few times, so have made some money here and there. Got up to $10 when I finally got knocked out: short stacked, late position, I shoved with 88 and got called/lost vs. KK.

There you have it, my bilking of the internet poker machine!

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Blogger Sean said...

Great job Glenn! $10 at a time...

7:19 PM  

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