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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Felicia is starting a new series: "Psychology of Poker"

Part I is already up.. make sure to check it out :)

Posted by Glenn

Monday, March 06, 2006

Know the rules and promotions!

OK, so, been playing mostly online.. but every so often Felicia and I have been going to the Riverside Casino in Laughlin to play. Usually I had been ending up in 2-6 (spread-limit) Omaha8 with her, however, I'm going to stop from now on. I've always been religious about keeping stats and I'm a loser in the game. Felicia feels that, while I play tight preflop, I end up going too far with my hands post. Seems like there is always odds to chase, since the people are so loose, but the stats don't lie; so she must be right!

This realization has made me start playing more Holdem there. I haven't done well at the 2/6 spread limit, but have at the 4/8 and NLHE games they have. So, I played some NLHE while I was there. Ended up 30$ even after raising w/ KK and QQ and getting no callers. Plus some flop bets that didn't get called. Too tight. I asked for my name to be put back on the 4/8 (had it taken off after I entered the NL).

I get seated to the left of this really loose guy (I'll call Tipsy-Tourist--he was drinking, but I don't think enough to call him the classic Drunk-Tourist ; ). He was in most of the pots. While I noticed that he'll bet any pair, he'll also bet if he thinks he might have the other person beat.

I happen to get AA. Of course, right? Why would I even bother to write it up, eh? (Yo! props to Canada, eh, dude? Take off! Eh? hehehe ... ok, enough of that.)

So, I raise with my AA after Tipsy-Tourist limps. There were one or two others in the pot. Either way, flop of Q9x; he bets, I raise and we're heads-up after he calls. Turn is an 8: he bets. I look at him and say: "I'm supposed to do that. You're supposed to check, and I bet my overpair. But maybe you thought I wouldn't bet your straight for you." He chuckles and I think I have enough information to be able to fold, knowing that I'm beat.

Tipsy-Tourist flashes me 98s, to show me I was beat.

I ended up for the session. Very next hand I get KK and, since the AA hand gave Tipsy-Tourist the Kill button, we went to 8/16 betting. Again he bet into me and I got two cold callers for 16. River completed a possible flush, so I didn't bet it, but didn't matter. I was still almost $100 up.

I started to tell Felicia the story later and she goes, "you got your $50 for 'Aces-Cracked', right?" I stopped talking and thought about it. Yup, she was right, the promotion 'Aces-Cracked' was going on while I was in the 4/8 game. Dang! Although it would have cost me another $16 to see the river, I would have gotten $50 to show my AA was beat at the river (provided that I didn't catch a Q or A on the river to beat him). I could have turned the $16 loss (from the raise pre and post), into an $18 win! (After paying off another 16 for the turn and river for a total of 32). It would have resulted in a total of $34 more to cash out, and would have put me well above $100 for the night.

So, make sure you know all the rules and promotions at any cardroom that you frequent! Could help out your bankroll!

God Bless

Posted by Glenn