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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's one long game

Tonight, it definitely was a loooong game... but that's not what I'm referring to (of course ; ).

Before tonight, I've been on a fairly good run at the 2-6 game (spread-limit), with an average of $25/hr. Of course I knew it couldn't last; variance would rear it's ugly head sooner or later. Tonight it did. Trips with King kicker lost to trips with smaller kicker.. that hit. Then JJ lost to A2 ('cause it was soooted: "well, normally I wouldn't, but it's sooted", he said after cold-calling the raise; ended up with a straight on the river).

This made me start the night at about a $50 loss. Did I quit? Nope. Game was too good. This one woman was showing her cards all the time; so many times she called down with bottom pair. At first I thought it was because this one guy got caught betting bottom pair with flush draw all the way. Then I realised: no, she just calls down anyone with any pair. People would chase all the way to the river, regardless of raises, regardless of paired boards. Good game :)

Finally, after 5 hours of play, I got a good flop of trips (again) with a good kicker (I was the blind, go figure -grin-) with one guy drawing to the OESD (open-ended straight draw), and another with some pocket pair ("I call... and I raise..."; "sorry sir, can't do that, it's a string bet"; so I got a nice free flop :) . I lead out with my Q9o on a board of 998 (might as well make JT or any other OESD's pay); called by draw; raised by Mr String-bet; I 3-bet; Mr Draw cold-calls 12; Mr String-bet calls. Bet, call, fold on turn. Check-check on river (draw didn't get there, so I gave him a chance to try to buy it.. figured he doesn't call if I bet anyway, unless he has me beat).

Good pot. Put me to $4 up. For a five hour session. Wow.

So, sorry Felicia for being so late tonight, but I had to try to come home a winner. ;)

At least I know that I'm in good company. I've heard how many top players, if they're losing, and the game is good, they'll keep playing to at least try to get even. It's that drive to win that keeps us going.

I know Felicia says, "you can't win all the time".

Maybe not, but I can sure try :D

Posted by Glenn


Blogger Felicia :) said...

1am!?! Why you little aiewoe, adi13! ;)

I was dead asleep, I have no idea what time you got home. I even slept in late myself, 6:30 !!

Today, well, it is almost possible to force a win. Ten years ago, you may not have dug yourself out of that hole. Then again, $2-6 spread limit, oy vey!

7:07 AM  
Blogger Drizztdj said...

2-6 spread limit?

I hope you're hitting up some deep stack tourneys for the ME (live or online). I really think you'll do well.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Felicia :) said...

Yeah, Felicia and I have been doing some tournaments here at Laughlin (not exactly the structure that we'll be using during the ME, but still, thought it would be good to try to do some kind of practice).

I got eliminate, pretty much in two hands by a local guy they call "All-in Victor". And, you got it, he has one move: All-in.

Got passed to me in the CO and I have KQo. I raise the BB (Felicia as it would happen, but just cause it's her, doesn't mean I won't try to steal ;) and Victor, short-stacked, goes all-in for 300 more. I call, he shows 89o. Flop is KQT. He goes runner-runner perfect for T-high straight.

Once I get UTG, I find AA. I went AI. Victor, who now has me covered, goes AI over the top. He shows 22; and spikes one on the turn.

At least I didn't get hot under the collar :p

Felicia actually cashed tho :)

Thanks for the kudos, Drizz. I'll definitely be trying my best.


5:20 PM  
Blogger Andrew Hime said...

I see you there on the .50/1 waiting list, "Felicia"!

2:51 PM  
Blogger Felicia :) said...

Actually, it could have been either of us, as we BOTH played some on Stars yesterday ;)

If it was Party, it was definitely her, as I have my own account there now.

If it was .50/1 O8, it was her ;)

I was playing some PLO8, NLO8, NLHE, and .25/.5 HE there yesterday. None of the other limit HE games were any good (for me, anyway--I look for 10x BB).


12:27 PM  
Blogger Felicia :) said...

Oh, if it was Stud 8, it would have been me as well. I played .25/.5, .5/1, and 1/2 yesterday :}


12:29 PM  

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