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Friday, June 09, 2006

Whoohoo!! I'm international :D

Felicia informed me that I'm getting a lot of hits from a French(?) site, "Hagbard", that's listing freerolls for people to play... at the bottom (of course, I'm at the _bottom_ -grin-) they link here to my main blogger page. Um, wait.. thought you said that there was some kind of strategy post?!?

Yeah, you see, that post is hidden in the archives! So, for all you people looking for that post, I'm going to do a "Best of" kind of thingie and add a link to the left. I'll do it right after this post, so you should see it there soon. If not, here's the link anyway:

Have fun :)

On a brighter note (brighter??), I'm outta my slump! I found the ticket (for now anyway ; )


Heck, Phil Hellmouth said something about it being the best game.. well, at least Holdumb. But, that there limit crapola has been sucking the life outta me lately! I know, I know.. I talked a while ago about "Mastering the Micros", where I was actually having a good run playing 'that there limit'! Well, I also said that I was going to try to move up limits. I've been playing a ton of $0.5/$1 on Party and getting creamed. I've been down an average of 2BB/hr for the last couple weeks! Ugh!

Then I taught my doggie a new trick. He can dance now. Oh, wait, I was talking about me, not really the doggies. :p

Either way, that's false. There's nothing "new" to me about playing NLHE (don't worry, I'm not trying to say that it's not 'new' in the sense that I have nothing to learn... I have LOTS to learn). I just had been having a bad run in it and stopped playing for a while. Now I'm back and stackin' people like no one's business! Which just means that I'm due for some bad beats. LOL! (Just remember, that you're never "due"... you can miss ten flush draws in a row and still not be "due", you're still going to be a 4-1 dog on the next card, just like always.)

So, the last couple days of this week have been good, making up a little of my loses from earlier where I just insisted on playing limit regardless of the outcome.

Just goes to show that being able to switch up and play other games is a GOOD thing. Running bad in O8? Play some Draw. Running bad in Draw? Play some Hold'em. Running bad in Hold'em? Play some NLHE. Running bad there? Play some Stud/8.... ad infinitum...

Stir and repeat...

But make sure not to cream the mixture too hard or your cookies will spread too much on the backing sheet, resulting in thin dry cookies...

Of course, maybe you like that kind of thing....


Ahh, memories :)

Alright, enough of all that!

So what's the message here? To me, it's that classic, "don't put all your eggs into one basket". If you start having a tough time in one game, just switch it up and play something different for a while. You might end up liking it, and you might end up making a little scratch, where before, you were lucky to 'scratch' yourself out of a hole!

Hope you all are well!

God Bless

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