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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Cancer Tournament

I got this notice from Easycure and am reposting it here. I don't play on Full Tilt, so I won't be in the tourney. I know this sounds crazy (and I am), but I can't stand the colors, I get a huge headache while playing there. I put the background to "midnight" and turned off avatars, but the circus thing makes my head pound.

For a while, Glenn played there under my name, but he didn't like it, so we withdrew our money and deleted the software.

I am advertising it for EC because of the cause, but I won't be there. I'd rather just donate independently.

Here is the info:

What: Hammer Out Cancer - WPBT-POY Circuit Event
(Tournament ID 3381723 under the Private section.)
When: April 16th - Sunday
Time: 9pm EST
Where: Full Tilt Poker
How Much: $10 + $16
($15 goes to American Cancer Society so buy-in is 25+1)
Password: dahammer

posted by Felicia :)

Posted by Glenn


Blogger Kentrell Johnson said...


I saw your most recent guest post over on Felicia's site and wanted to respond to one point you made there. Since I'm not on Felicia's list of approved commenters, I figured I'd try posting a response here.

You mentioned that you had issues with trying to clear the Party reload bonuses in the timelines they give (usually only 1 week). However, I think that Party's bonuses are the easiest and fastest to clear of any site PROVIDED you go about it the right way.

The lowest-level NL tables (.10/.25 blinds) at Party are raked any time the pot reaches at least $1, which happens about 60-75% of the time depending on the particular table you are playing. This makes for an excellent way to clear reload bonuses VERY quickly.

I've found that I get about 40-50 raked hands per hour per table at that level, which means that when four tabling I'm playing about 160-200 raked hands per hour. Since you only need 1000 raked hands to clear the full $100 bonus, the task can be completed in approximately 5 to 7 hours (more if you play more tables - the idea of playing 9 is just too much for me), which amounts to earning about $15 to $20 per hour in bonus alone.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Felicia :) said...

Well, thanks again for the information, Kentrell.. I just played some of the $25max, and after a half hour of play on 3 tables, I have about 75 raked hands :)

I misunderstood the terminology. I saw something like "played raked hands", and I thought it was like Doyle's "action points" thing where you actually have to be in the hands.

5:04 PM  

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