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Sunday, February 19, 2006

sometimes you just have to laugh

I'm no longer a virgin... to being sworn at.

Today, I was doing another hit-and-run on the draw tables and I was told:
"bagsmode go to hell!"

Huh? I think this is the person that raised me with a smaller set of trips than mine, but hey, I was in the blind and didn't even 3-bet him post draw! Heck, he might have capped it, so I could have saved him 2 big bets; and this is the way he treats me?? -grin-

Later, as I'm waiting for the little lady (yes, I know she'll say she's anything but.. "hu hu, you said "butt") so that we can go out and play tonight, and I jumped back into the tables. I noticed that one player played every hand. I promptly added the little fishie label that I have on the player notes and moved on. One of the others at the table, however, just had to ask:
"t, do you ever not play a hand?"

"no, what's the fun in that?"

I almost said my patented: "just say 'thank you'", but thought better of it. The same player ended the conversation with: "thought so", and I just had to laugh.

Too funny, to me anyway, so had to share.

Hope all is well with y'all ; )

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Anonymous Tom Bayes said...


Good to see you posting again. You really should play PL Draw, much more fun!

Here's an old post where I got swore at in Swedish at 24hPoker for the sin of making a full house.

2:31 PM  

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