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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rocky Week

I'm tryin', I'm a tryin'.. but the waters are rough!

I'm trying to swim in the poker waters, and the last couple weeks the water's been a might choppy.. but I'm hanging in there.

To give an example: Yesterday I started playing in the evening on Party... started strong and resisted the urge to do my standard hit-and-run.. so of course I started to lose. Won it back on one table, but down here and there on the other tables that I ended a couple bucks down. I was able to make a little in a 1/2 game that must have been rockin' before I got there (but of course was tight once I sat down).. therefore, I did hit-and-run there.

Then, I head over to Pacific for some NLHE. I got stacked twice right off (AA vs 95o, how could I ever expect to win over such a power house as 95o, LOL), but then stack two others (on a "brighter-side", _I_ sucked out on AA with 44.. bet my flopped set and was happy as a clam when he raised then called my AI). Unfortunately, one of the guy's I stacked was short, and I ended up down.

After putting in my stats for 4 hours of play, I was still up... 25cents. Ahhhhahahha! Aiyaaa! -grin-

While "up" is still "up", it's still a little disappointing. But again, I started the week at a loss, but made it back in a couple days. Then tonight I booked a win playing live.

Headed out to one of the local rooms tonight and made a little hit in the NLHE game that we got going short handed. Once again, the guy didn't have much in front of him (he was the one really bad player, so only did the min 100$ buy-in). I flopped a K-high flush from BB and got a call, then a raise from the fish. I was pretty sure the middle guy was drawing, so I chucked a black in to set the fish AI and (hopefully) force out the guy in the middle that I thought had the Ace. Once the fish said he called, the middle guy said he had the 5s for a GUT straight-flush draw... so I asked the fish guy if he had the As..? He turns over 77 for top set. So I sweat the next two cards; no pairing, the flush holds and the fish walks.

While I was donking (folding) in the 2/6 game, I kept hearing "raise, raise.. that's a cap" from the 4/8 game behind me. I got called to the NL game before the 4/8. But since it didn't seem that the NLHE game was going to fill, and the weakest link was just broken, I took an open seat I saw at the 4/8. Just as I sit down, 2 people got up to go eat. Oy! I blinded off about 30$ before I finally got my butt out.

I was able to steal a couple pots, but I got caught once, and I mucked to a raise. Figured it was slow-played when I was raised on the turn.. but it didn't matter, I had Ace-high, LOL. I just was trying to pick up the pot. It was 3-way; check-check-check on the flop; I fired on the turn; folded to raise; was shown 2pair (I played with the same guy on the 2/6 and the NL.. he was a 'talker', and since I talked with him, he did a courteousy-show).

Though I lost, I'm not really unhappy with my play; neither there nor at the NL. I just wasn't getting any cards at the 4/8.. best hand was KQo after an hour and a quarter worth of play.

Interesting hand there: Gets folded to the CO, who limps in. I was thinking of doing a Ciaffone if it got folded to me on the button... pretend to look at my cards and raise regardless (or maybe that's only if you're posting in the CO? -grin- I'm not sure, I was pretty much assuming to raise). Then the CO limps and spoils my plans. However, I looked and found KQo and figured I'd raise and get it HU.

What was interesting, was that the BB called (I was hoping to _fold_ the blinds, Doh!), but then, the CO mucks! Now I've read that there are times that it's correct to limp the SB, then fold to a raise. But it's almost never correct in 'limit' to limp in a pot, paying a full small bet, and then to fold to one more small bet!?!

Luckily, the BB didn't like the flop and folded to my continuation bet on a low board. Gotta pick up those small pots every so often ;)

Still, the blinds were eating into me the rest of the time getting nothing. Since I was a little up from the NL game, I ended up calling it a night.


At least I'm up for the week now... and I'm even more thankfull.. Felicia is getting better!

Lot's to thank the Lord about :)

We're all healthy, the bankroll is building (albiet slowly), and I'm trying some higher stakes and not getting my butt handed to me (so far, anyway, haha).

This coming week, I think I'll keep trying these new games. I'm not "killing" them by any means, but I want to try to move up. If I only make a little, but am able to hang while moving up, it's still a progression.

Hope you're all doing well :)

God Bless

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