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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Oh, yeah, now I remember!

Thanks to Joe and Joe from for providing pictures!!! The ol', "Oh yeah, I remember that..." was happening a lot via the pics. Great to have an event captured for future prosperity.. ok, not prosperity, more like, "A what tournament? Sonny, speak up, the hearing aids are already turned up. Oh, yeah, I recall those days, he he."

OK, first up, I'm not sure if anyone else posted about it, but the blogger to the far right, GRob, was the first to drop the hammer during the tournament! Need I say he didn't cash? Just joking :-P It was fun, though.

It was the first hand. I believe I was UTG and folded. Badblood was next and limped (AT he told me after the hand, limping in early position? -grin-), Bill was next and also limped. Then, our hero raises to 350! Remember this was first hand, blinds at 25/50. Everyone folded and, after the dealer pushed him the pot, he turns up his cards: 72o. The table goes nuts and he gets up to take a bow :)

The following picture shows Hank, Grubby and Joe (respectively). This picture reminds me that I never got to meet Grubby. I didn't even know he was there until he got busted out of the tournament and he was headed to the pit with Eva, Al's wife.

Looking at the pictures, I know now why I never got a chance to meet Grubby. Felicia and I got to meet and talk with Marcel Luske. He was talking to us about how so many tournaments don't give you enough play (either too little chips, too little time, or both).

What I also remember is that he kept talking, and talking... giving examples, etc of how you can't "play" if you have no chips. OK, Marcel, I get the point.

Can you see in the distance in this one? He's still talking... I'm looking for a way did Felicia escape? Help!

Finally! Maudie to the rescue :-D Thanks Maudie!

As you can see, now Marcel has Maudie in his grasp... sorry Maudie!

[Now, I hope you all know that I was just making fun ;) I had a great time talking with Marcel; discussing issues just like I was one of the other pros -- like I'll ever be to his level (but I will darn well try! :) ]

I thought that this was a good pic of Felicia and me as we listened to the speakers.

I even asked a couple questions:

Pauly came up after the talks, gently touched my shoulder, and said, "Great questions, Glenn", then walked away. Um, thanks Pauly, Mr. PR. You're going to be a manager one day, I can tell ;-)

Here we see Maudie all-in with AK (must have taken Marcel's talk to heart ;) and Badblood behind her massaging her shoulders.

Or was he really? Trying to give her support? Or trying to strangle her for folding that 72o the hand before... just look at that shirt:

Oh yeah, then there was Al.. raising my blind. He says "200" and puts in 400 in chips. I called for the floor. No offense Al, I haven't even looked at what I've got, it might not even be worth a min raise, but I'll get in for the cheap if I can :-D

I thought that was a good shot of me at the poker table... trying to stare down the competition so that I might be able to decide what to do when the action got to me. Then I saw this picture... do I look like I'm pregnant or what?? (Yes, that's me in the one seat.)

Finally, we have the picture of Felicia and Pauly, after he presented her with the cowboy hat that was a bonus award to the winner. I didn't post this pic for that though... I posted it because of Pauly's shirt! Get a load of that thing! It's a good thing you were in Vegas, probably the only place they'd forgive you for wearing something like that (hehehehe).

Alrighty then! Enough busting :) We all had great fun, if you couldn't tell.

Thanks again to Pauly for putting together this great time, and to Joe and Joe for the pictures!! It's great to be able to look back remember all the fun we had.

Posted by Glenn


Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

:) I almost wore my red blazer too! Great write up. Thanks again for playing.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Maudie said...

It's not often I have the chance to stare into the crystal blue eyes of an impecably dressed, charming man such as Marcel. He could have been talking about the torque ratio of lug nuts for all I cared!

Love the pictorial!


5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A 19th place finisher needs SOME claim to fame.

Please Hammer don't hurt 'em!


7:31 AM  

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